Additional Services


Because leaving your pet at home is boring and can cause behavior problems like barking or destructiveness, your pet can enjoy day of fun and excitement while you are at work.

Available 7 days a week, Starting at $35.00 per day


Our grass play yards are a great way to break up the social environment and allow your pet some special alone time with our staff.

5.50 per session


When you call or make reservations on line please state that you would like to pick up your pet during none business hours, we will confirm by phone or email the date and time. Charges are per drop off and or pick up – $37.50 charge for first guest $52.50 for two or more guests.


Pick up or delivery of your pet/s to or from your home or office. Airport transportation also available, health certificates must be done as well as all flight arrangements.

$36.50 local, Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo. Additional charges for outside areas.


We provide bathing for pets prior to pick up. Please note pets that have scheduled baths on departure dates are not required to check out by noon. Baths are $27.50 and up.


You are welcome to bring your pets diet, we require that all meals be packaged and labeled with am and pm along with the guests first and last name in single plastic bags. Your pets snacks are also gladly given and do not need to be packaged, however the box will need to be labeled with your pets first and last name.

No additional charge for special diets or snacks

A charge of one dollar for any Un-packaged meals will be applied


From dog food to poop scoops and everything in between, we have the snacks you forgot

to bring or the new leash you need. We feature Abady brand pet food, the best species appropriate diet available for carnivores.


There are many health benefits, reducing stress, boosting the immune system are just few.

By appointment


Used to help relieve pain as well as many other symptoms that occur with failing health.

By appointment


Spinal joint dysfunction can interfere with the nervous system and result in many different conditions of diminished health.

By appointment


$3.50 per day, per dog for provided medications.